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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  September 26, 2010 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> today on christian world news. refugees at risk. women who flee north korea for china are often sold into the sex trade. how christian ministries are fighting on their balf. and these young men aren't robbers, they are shoe shine boys. story behind their shame and ministry helping them take off the mask. plus the training camp helping long-term missionaries go to distance. north korean refugees sold into the sex trade in china.
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hello, everyone i am wendy griffith. human rights groups are testifying on capitol hill and protesting outside chinese embassy. north rean refugees living in their country. members of the human rights commissi hosted a hearing on the topic. they heard firsthand the horrors of women sold into the sex trade. it would allow the united states to place economic sanctions on the country. >> 90 percent of the women who flee north korea fall victims to traffickers and chinese government doenothing about it. it is the chinese government's ruthless policy of repay trioting that makes them so vulnerable.
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>> hopefly when president obama meets with the leaders, particularly china, he will raise this iss. this administration has lost its voice. it is silent. nuclear issuesare important but human rights for the people of north korea is particularly important, too. >> china also returns refugees to north korea where they face imprisonmentnd even ath. joining us is kim, a group that helps rescue refugees, especially the victims of sex trafficking. mr. kim, how big is this problem? >> in china there is about 100,000 to 400,0 refugeesin china right now. among 80 percent is north korea is women. those women who doesn't have friends or relatives inside china, they are traffick 100
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percent. >> so many are despate and starving. this seems like their only way to survive? >> yes, because of these refugees a cross the border because they are hungry and desperate. they want to be survived. that is the reasonthey cross the river. >> some women are sold as wives to farmers, others are bought by the cyber porn industry in china. tell us about that. >> yes, from my 10 years of this rescue ministry that i found is 3 stages, late 1990s, these refugees stay close to river because they want to make a river. they crosthe rive then they become traffickers. they sellthem because they see the money. second stage is north korean
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people in beginning of 2000 theybecome a merchant on the market. beginning of business, they borrow monefrom friends that are relatives. they are experienced. they lose their money. that is how they cross the river to make money back, make it up in china. once they cross the river, they are trafficked. third stage,traffickers, they send their team inside north korea. not many north korean refugees cross the river. these traffickers go into north korea and recruiting girls. they cheat them. they cross the river and can makebetter living. >> they actually go in after them. not ve subtle is it? what do you want china to do
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mr. kim? >> china must recognize refugees. they came into china for desperately to survive. reason why they must recogne them. they are facing to even the worst is death sentence or to the political prison camp or torture. these kinds of things. because once they know meet the foreigners, like south korean or missioners. >> what are the chinese christians doing to help these north kore refugees? >> providing shelter and food and sometimes a way how to meet. >> you are in contt with christians in north korea? >> yes. i contact underground churches.
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many underground churches. their societies are like a family, 2-3 ople. it is not easy to contact them inside north korea. we contact them when they come into chie na. >> we wish you all the best, 318 mission paners, vatican declaring the visit to united kingdom a success. pope benedict wrapped up a trip. christians of all denominations almost the pop >> despitthe controversy of the catholic urch including child abuse stories, uk's first visit has received resounding support of christians of all denominations. president of the methodist confence, reverend alson was one of many church leaders that
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almost r welcomed the opportunity to meet the pope. >> i was delighd. it is important we go on having conversations. in england, particularly, the catholichurch has been part of the work we have done for some time. >> evangelical alliance supports the religious freedom when he said they are growing a secular agenda. >> they gave their thoughts on the pope's visit high lighting a greater need for unity against secularism. >> britain is a church that has more in common than the things that divide us. it will help give us a united picture in this country. >> potential r for christia working together is focussed in
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this event. it is a reality on the ground that christians in communities work together to tell the story of jesus. >> there was a swell of support tr the british public who turned out. >> fantastic opportunitfor all cathics to see the pope in your own country. once in a lifetime opportunity, i would say. >> very exciting for all of us. >> the atmosphere on the streets here today. whoever you are, you can't not enjoy this atmosphere. it is a great event for england. >> doesn mather our religion. we have to unite. >> despite the success of the pope's visit, only time will tell if it turns this around. cbn news, london, england. coming up, training christian workers how to
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survive and thrive on the mission field.
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>> welcome back to christian world news. long termmissionaries are serving around the worl many of them fail within the first few years because of lack of proper planning. chuck hol ton shows these people who are helping people succeed on the mission field. >> reporter: the mosiai mor ra. this is quintessentialfrica. wide open spaces and lots of exotic animals. the tribe that lives in this area has been living like this for hundreds of years. it is in a veryremote area of kenya, about 150 miles from the capitol of nairobi. there is a thriving church
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thanks to a small group of missionariesho have been 15 years preaching the gospel >> we woke up one morning to find ourselves in the midst of genocide in rwanda in 1994. me and my family and 4 children. the lo got us out of that situation. >> that is when they came to kenya. >> we brought in a 20-foot shipping container. that was our home. it was quite an adventure >> shane and terry spent a year at the master's mission a trainingenter in the north carolina mountns. >> in addition to the bible training, the program involved training in mission-station planning, water systems, plumbing, electrical, drafting,
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dees l mechanics, hw to build a road, airstrips, carpet ri, solar systems. bush living. i would not have made it as a missionary living in the bush of africa had i not been through the training. >> a family of missionaries living in afric >> jim has lived in kenya for most of his life. >> long-terms mission is on the ropes. the majority of the people in the world that are still unreached with the gospel live in os tier remote environments that the short term missionaes are not getting t most of our missionary forces coming out of suburban america and not equipt to get the job done. the vast majority of the resources of the american
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church are going to short term missions. the few long term missionaries have feer and fewer resources. >> when jim moved here with his family 15 years ago, the 4 trips living in the area were at war with each other, no electricity or clean water. >> we were camping for the first 3 months. we slept in a shipping container and camped and lived outside the shipping container. it was a lot of fun. >> jim and bash used -- they built a house complete with wind power, they also started a local church. >> a missionarycomeing to an
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unreacd area has to earn a hearing. the best way to do that is fulfill the biblical mandate. trying to get clean water, trying bring security without security you don't have anything. trying to meet their medical needs. anything that we would like to have ourselves. >> today jim is using his experience in africa to help other aspiring missionaries make it in other countries. >> master's missiois probably the only missn agency in the world with the first clas firing range. we give our missionaries weapons training so they have the capability to protect themselves, and their neigors. >> security is more important now than ever. two nights ago there was a fire night as bandits came to steal
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camels. they were driven off by armed policema jim says the risk is worth it. >> a lot of places where an americanissionary can go and feel safe and comfortable. parts of the world is where unreached people a. that is where we need missionaries. >> jesus called us to the ends of the earth, not the end of the pavement. this is what god has called us to do. i am going to do it to his glory. >> chuck holton, cbn news, in northern kenya on the shores. up next, they hide their faces out of shame. the plight of the shoe shine boys.
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>> needy families are often put their children to work.
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some young boys hit the streets with shoe wax and brushes to shine shoes. it is not an easy life. in one south american capitol, they won't even show their faces. stan jeter has the story. >> reporter: the capitol of bolivi most of them are young men or adolescents who hide their faces with ski masks, we ask some of them why. >> [ foreign speaking ] i don't want kids to tell my little sister that her brotr is a shoe shine boy. i have used a mask since i was 12. no one in my neighborhood knows i shine shoes. many people discriminate against you and look down on you. >> [ foreign speang ] you have to hide your identity. if you say you shine shoes, people treat you poorly.
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>> many of these young blifians, this is run by randy davis. >> they struggle with alcohol as well as the discrimination they suffer. many people think they are thieves, the source of problems the city has. in reality that is not true. >> the ministry uses sportsto win the confidence and share the gospel. they take them on hikes in the andian mountains. >> after that we have discipleships, small groups, for men who want to grow and develotheir christian life. we are pointing to the life because we believe the work ends when a young person is plugged into a local church.
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>> this work with the shoe shine bo is bearing fruit >> it is very different to live with christ and without christ. when you live with christ your life makes sens when you are not with christ, you don't have any hope. you live to be living. >> life didn't have meaning anymore. i was like you are living life and didn't have anything else. what jesus did was to fill up what was missing in my hrt. he gave a purpose to my life and i realized that he is the one who gives meaning, direction to my life. >> because of the confidence and chriian love the shoe shine boys found through the ministry, many have taken off the masks that hid their identity and shame. now they show the joy of new life exists in jesus christ. stan jeter cbn news.
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santa cruz is the largest site of a college. here is lorri johns. >> danet crawford wound up preaching to university students. >> we had people coming from all other the cityand had the event at the largest university in the nation, gabrielle university has 70,000 sdents. we were granted permison to have in the center of the university to have this crusade at their stadiuwhere they play soccer. >> a small team from joy ministries in virginia came can to santa cruz and joined local christians to invite students to the outreach. >> it was so awesome when we were passing out the fliers.
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everyone was grateful we are doing something at the universities. >> 90 volunteers workewith them to bring the message. many responded to the invitation to follow christ, others experienced a physical healing. this student said after prayer the pain was gone and she could jump and run. crawford hopes to carry out more meetings in the south amera in the days aad. lorri johnson,cbn news.
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>> nba plays known around the world and especially in israel where basketball is a national sport. when former pros came to visit, it attracted lots of attention. chris mitchell has more. >> reporter: former nba players, college stars and
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harlem globe trotters gave up their height advantage to play israeli veterans in wheelchair basketball. game was one stop on their good willtour sponsoreby sports power inrnational. >> our person is for christian nba players to show supportof the jewish people in israel. we are their one loyal friends, we believe what the bible says, that they are god's chosen people. >> it wasn't offi easy for the nba players to control their wheelchair but the game was good fun for both ses. >> we were gointo play with them you can see them all over the world. >> israeli children will watch their favorite team.
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having these evangelil christians come here and interact withthe people and do the sports camps and work with the disabled veteran association is wonderful. new in some of the americans like dwight howard senior this was a profound experience. >> this is one of the most exciting events i have had in my life. to be here representing the usa and the howard family, it is great. >> with israel aligne sports power internional came with a word of encouragement for the president of israel and israelis everywhere. >> i said at half time, i could giveyou money, i don't have any, i could give you weapons, you don't need any. i fear not for the lord thy god is with ooe. >> they leave as ambassadors.
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>> you can walk the walk and experience the love of the chosen people in the mann has made me for the rest of my life committed and true partner of the nation of israel and jewi people for ever. new in they all hope for a return trip next ar. by the way, israelis won 24-20. chris mitchell cbn news, tel aviv. >> great story, ris. reminds me of the biblical mandate, pray fothe peace of jerusalem. that is all for this edition of jerusalem. that is all for this edition of christian world news. next time on... the amazing thing is not that everody is not saved. the amazing this is at anybody is saved!
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and then: but its not my choice. next time on... the imes from haiti are heart-breaking-- homes, hospitals, andchools destroyed; families searching for loved ones; parents trying to feedheir children. but we can all do something. we can help the american red cro as it delivers the food, water, and dicine that can save lives. donate $10 by texting "haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9. visit redcross.o or call 1-800-red-css. thanks for your help.


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